Green grass all year long!

We have synthetic grass products specifically designed for the pet owner and their favorite friend. These products are ultra-durable, resistant to unwanted pet odors and environmentally safe. You can say goodbye to un-sightly yellow and brown spots in your yard and hello to a perfect, green and full looking lawn all year long.

It’s true! With the lack of rain in Southern California over the past 10 years water conservation is at it’s highest level of priority. With fines being handed out left and right for over-useage, homeowners are scrambling for new ways to conserve. Synthetic grass is the obvious choice! Not only will your synthetic grass installation look great all year long and cut down on your household water consumption, it will qualify you for a rebate. You can learn more about these rebates at Be Water Wise.

New installations in Northridge, Encino, Chatsworth, Malibu California.